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PRO PLUS is the leading media company in Slovenia. For over 27 years it has been enjoying a special position in the Slovenian media sphere.

In the field of television, PRO PLUS creates two TV channels with the greatest audience shares in Slovenia - POP TV and Kanal A, alongside with thematic TV channels - BRIO, KINO,OTO and Astra. The company has a significant on-line presence where it constantly pushes the boundaries further through 24ur.com, Slovenia's most visited website, 7 thematic web portals and the first video on-demand internet service in Slovenia, VOYO.

Pro Plus Hiša


We focus all our efforts into creating media contents that provide high-quality entertainment and credible information to our Slovenian audience. Through our successful local TV production and intriguing on-line contents we aim to not only satisfy, but also exceed the wishes and demands of the media audience in Slovenia every single day and offer a wide specter of high-quality contents for every taste.

Pro Plus Zvezde


Every day, we aim to be better than the day before. Our vision is thus not only focused on retaining our leading position on the Slovenian media market, but on reaching and surpassing new milestones, especially when it comes to content and when we are talking about the field of technology on all distribution platforms of our media house. Although we work in the present, our thoughts are constantly focused on the future - on generating new media trends and contents that will continue to fascinate, entertain and surprise our audience.


The focus of our operations can be conveyed with just one word: excellence. This value directs all our efforts – from creating media contents to our relations with our business partners, building enthusiasm within the company and achieving our business results. At the same time we constantly encourage fresh ideas and creativity, which are the foundation of our growth and progress. As a media company we are aware of the impact our contents have on Slovenian public life. As a result, responsibility to everyone and everything in our environment is also one of our key values.


The management of the media company PRO PLUS has been entrusted to individuals with rich experience on the media and multi-media technology field. All the managers are excellent experts concerning the situation and anticipations of the media market.

The management team perform their work with professionalism and creativity. Television and web contents have been created according to the wishes of the viewers and users, and adapted to the needs of our small, but dynamic market. It is therefore not a coincidence that PRO PLUS has been among the most efficient companies in Slovenia and the most successful media companies in this part of Europe.


Stella Litou
Stella Litou Director
Branko Čakarmiš
Branko Čakarmiš Strategic advisor for content creation and business development
Tilen Ribič
Tilen Ribič Finance Director
Tjaša Slokar Kos
Tjaša Slokar Kos News Director and Chief Editor
Danica Knego
Danica Knego Program Director
Aleš Muhič
Aleš Muhič Sales Director
Darja Zajc
Darja Zajc Marketing Director
Marko Koretič
Marko Koretič Production Director
Nataša Plementaš
Nataša Plementaš Human Resources Director
Zoran Janković
Zoran Janković Chief Technology Officer CME Adria
Nino Štambuk
Nino Štambuk Chief Distribution Officer CME Adria
Matej Lončarić
Matej Lončarić Chief Digital Officer CME Adria

With the top television channels POP TV, Kanal A, thematic channels BRIO, OTO, KINO and Astra as well as the first Slovenian video-on-demand channel called VOYO, PRO PLUS maintains and consolidates its position of the leading media company in relation to broadcasting and production of television contents.



has for twenty five years in row provided a quality and professional news broadcast. With the latest television guidelines, team of anchors and journalist are preparing the most viewed central news program in the country.

Anchors: Darja Zgonc, Edi Pucer, Petra Kerčmar, Jani Muhič



offers until the moment of broadcasting a short overview of the most current daily news from the fields of politics, economy, society, concluding with the weather forecast.

Anchors: Darja Zgonc, Edi Pucer, Petra Kerčmar, Jani Muhič


a modern and dynamic insight with the most important happenings of the day accompanied by guest interviews. Intense overview of the latest evening domestic and foreign events.

Anchor: Uroš Slak

24ur zvečer

24HOURS weather

is a topical constant of 24HOURS news. Prospects for Slovenia, a weather overview by the hour and an insight into current weather phenomena.

More: 24ur.com/vreme
Anchors: Katja Jevšek, Robert Erjavec, Jana Morelj


fresh information from the world of pop culture – glamour, celebrities, music and film from domestic and foreign stages.

More: 24ur.com/popin

24HOURS sport

overview of latest sports events from the world of football, basketball, skiing, hockey, motorcycling, tennis, handball, golf, extreme sports and many others.

More: 24ur.com/sport


fresh information from the field of health, medical novelties, new healing techniques, domestic and foreign experts, which have unfolded their personal experience with diseases and treatments.

More: Vizita.si


the most viewed weekly news-magazine program on Slovenian televisions. Each Tuesday investigative journalist team, under its anchor and editor Alenka Arko, present five stories which reflect the week’s current happenings, which makes 190 stories of each season.


THE WOLRD on Kanal A

First evening News at 6pm presented in a research, authentic, particularly direct and conceptually rich manner, upgraded with numerous live inserts.

Anchors: Nuša Lesar and Gregor Trebušak

Kanal a

The achievements of PRO PLUS guarantee success for those clients, who seek efficient advertising. Television programs provide reliable communication of advertisers with target groups. As we wish that our programs remain kind to the viewers, we adjust the time and type of advertising in individual programs, offering new, even more efficient ways to reach the target groups.

The contents of all five television channels of the company PRO PLUS, which provide an extensive, complete reach and a possibility of even more accurate reach of specific target groups, reach on average as many as 50 % of all viewers in front of TV screens (Source: AGB Nielsen Media Research 18-54 prime time, live and as live).

If you wish to advertise on our channels, please get in touch with us for further details in order to shape a campaign suitable to your requirements and wishes.

Pop tv
Kanal a
Aleš Muhič
Aleš Muhič Sales Director
01/5893 323
Aljaž Krese
Aljaž Krese Deputy Director of Sales
01/5893 396
Jana Štokovič
Jana Štokovič Head of Television Advertising

PRO PLUS is as well the leading provider of web contents on the Slovenian market. PRO PLUS operates the most visited website in Slovenia, 24ur.com and various popular thematic web portals: Zadovoljna.si, Vizita.si, Moskisvet.com, Cekin.si, Bibaleze.si, Dominvrt.si, Okusno.je and Caszazemljo.si. Alongside with the web portals, the Company as well operates the first Slovenian video-on-demand (S-VOD) VOYO.

Users spend on the most visited Slovenian web portal 24ur.com a third of their World Wide Web time. PRO PLUS web pages reach more than 80 % of all the web population on a monthly basis.

Internet advertising experiences fast technological development, content formats and its distribution. As we wish to offer our clients the most modern advertising solutions in the media field, we follow the development of trends in planning, realization and implementation of new sales models. The record results of PRO PLUS’s web portals can be above all attributed to our fast response and constant orientation towards the future. A special feature of our sales models is their adjustment to each individual client, as well as the use of standard and verified efficient advertising sites.

If you wish to advertise on our web portals, please look through our possibilities below and get in touch with us to shape the best possible solutions meeting your wishes and requirements.

Aleš Muhič
Aleš Muhič Sales Director
01/5893 323
Aljaž Krese
Anja Rus Head of Internet Advertising
01/5893 536

Are you ready for a challenge offered by employment in the leading Slovenian media company?

From creative producers to engineers, from journalists to web experts, PRO PLUS combines and nourishes various talents. A mutual feature of all those talents is without any doubt the enthusiasm and passion for the media world. If you share this passion with us, join the versatile team, who creates new media trends every day.


How do I apply?
On site www.24ur.com/kariera you are able to apply on the wanted job post by filling in the “Format for input Data”. Before applying please check your CV and motivational letter, which are to be enclosed alongside with the application.

Will I receive a confirmation e-mail telling me that my application has been received?
After you have sent your application, you will receive an e-mail that you have successfully sent your application on the desired job post.

How am I able to check my application status?
You will be notified on the outcome of your selection process in any case via your e-mail. For any additional information or further explanations you can always reach us on our e-mail (hr@pop-tv.si).

How often are new job posts published?
Job positions are posted on an ongoing basis, according to the company needs. Our advice is to frequently check available job possibilities.


PRO PLUS is always glad to offer an opportunity to the young, who would like to test their knowledge and skills in practice and obtain new experiences in the media world. Students of high professional schools and universities of different orientations get an opportunity to perform practical professional duties on various fields. With the skills of practical knowledge and the first working experience in the leading multimedia company, students get acquainted in an organized way with the working processes, in which they also actively participate. Therefore it is easier for them to decide for the field of work, on which they would like to be employed after their studies.

The practical work runs according to the program and instructions of the Faculty, and is simultaneously adjusted to the requirements of the company PRO PLUS. Those students, who successfully complete their compulsory practical work in our company, are included on the list of candidates for suitable open jobs.

If you are creative, wish to meet new challenges and would like to test your theoretical knowledge in practice, you are invited to send us your application, including a CV.

HR department
+386 1 589 35 09


The culture of positive impact and giving back to the community and the environment has been intertwined with the culture and values of Pro Plus since our beginnings. The POP CARES! initiative will help and guide us in advancing our sustainability or ESG efforts.

We want to live in a better, more righteous, healthier environment, so it is right that we start with ourselves.

More fair, more compassionate, more respectful of people and the environment.

Committed to better results and inspiring achievements.


We strive for excellence in sustainability and reducing negative environmental impacts during content production, while encouraging employees and the public to think about their own choices. We aim to raise production standards and motivate other audiovisual creators and distributors to join the effort to protect the environment.

We look for green solutions and act sustainably in the creation of our reality shows, series and programmes. We are the proud owners of eight international albert cetrificates for sustainable film production.

POP TV is committed to making deliberate and responsible decisions on social issues that affect the environment in which we live and work.

We are aware of the importance of employee engagement and creating a positive workplace culture. As we strive to be an employer of choice, we are committed to creating a work environment that encourages feelings of commitment, pride and purpose among our employees.

We offer many free activities: free massages at work, foreign language courses and various computer skills. We encourage cycling to work and carpooling. We provide enthusiastic cyclists with free MOTs for their bikes, free flu vaccinations and workshops for a healthy life.

POP volunteers are always ready to help, so they have four paid days off a year to volunteer.

Social responsibility
Our social responsibility strategy is a commitment we make with every story we tell, with every voice we spread. We want to create an environment of positive change, empower and educate our communities and promote a sustainable future.


Our social activities include editorial coverage of specific topics and stories, special shows, free media space donated to non-governmental organizations, and the collection of donations.


We have a strong focus and commitment to business compliance, which is a fundamental pillar of our business strategy. We continuously strive to establish and maintain the highest standards of governance.

We place particular emphasis on cyber security, as we believe that protecting information is key to the trust of our users, viewers, customers, partners and employees.

We have a responsibility to protect personal data. We respect the privacy of our users, viewers, customers and employees and use the latest practices and technologies to protect their personal information. We follow the European GDPR and local laws.

We recognise the importance of ethical and responsible dealings with suppliers and have adopted a Supplier Code of Conduct. Through this code, we aim to ensure long-term partnerships and create an environment that promotes innovation, quality and care for the environment.

Supplier Code of Conduct

Because we care!



In our house lights are never turned off. We are with you every day of the week, with news and entertainment. You are able to experience our television right at the point, where everything is being created, with people, who represent its strongest pillars.


Call us for and make your reservation daily from 8am to 22pm.

PRO PLUS d.o.o.

Contact center POP TV: +386 30 77 77 70
Receptionist’s desk: +386 1 589 32 00
Sales: +386 1 589 32 21

E-mail: info@pop-tv.si
VAT identification number: SI48003069

Public Relations Service PRO PLUS
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